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About Us

Laxmi Rubber Industries is based in Mumbai-India; we are established manufacturer, supplier, exporter and Trader in this Rubber Products Industry. To make your products or production not affect quality and output which you are eyeing for is one of the pillars we set our company on. Because of this, we developed Rubber Products for industries like yours Mining, Earthmoving equipment, Heavy engineering, Electronic, Automobiles, Fertilizers, Aerospace, Petrochemicals Cement, Electrical, Railway, Construction and FMCG etc. who require the most stringent specification to get desire result.

Experienced: Expert in Rubber Products; Silicone Rubber Sheet, Rubber Sheets, Neoprene Rubber Sheet, Rubber Foam Sheet, Rubber Foam Sheet, Diaphragm Rubber Sheet, SBR Rubber Sheet, Rubber Lagging Sheet, Floating Roof Tank Sheets, Rubberized Cork Sheet, Diamond Groove Rubber Sheet, Para Floating Rubber Sheet, Sponge Rubber Sheet, Butyl Rubber Sheet, Pulley Lagging Rubber Sheet, Nitrile Rubber Sheet, Natural Rubber Sheet, Viton Rubber Sheet, EPDM Rubber Sheet, Rubber Mat, Insulation Rubber Mat, Electrical Rubber Mat, Floor Mats, Anti Skid Rubber Mat, Poly Electro Safe Mat, Rubber Strip, Extruded Rubber Strips, EPDM Strips, Felt Strips, Silicone rubber Strip, Sponge Rubber Strip, Rubber Pad, Neoprene Pad, Anti Vibration Pad, Cork Pad, Bearing Pad, Rubber Gasket, EPDM Gaskets, Flange Gaskets, Neoprene Gasket, Extruded Gaskets, Nitrile Rubber Gaskets, Non Asbestos Gaskets, PTFE Gaskets, Sponge Silicone Gasket, Silicone Gaskets, CAF Gasket, Non Metallic Gaskets, PTFE Envelope Gasket, Rubber Roll, EPDM Rubber Roll, Nitrile Rubber Roll, Neoprene Rubber Roll, Natural Rubber Roll, Silicone Rubber Roll, Conveyor Belt, Nylon and Cotton Ply Belt, Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt, Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts, Rubber Conveyor Belt, Oil Resistant Belt, Nylon Conveyor Belt, Woolen Felt, Woolen Compressed Felts, Woolen Colour Felts, Woolen Felt Rolls, Felt Filter Cloth, Felt Strip, Felt Sheets, Felt Polishing Wheels, Felt Washers, Rubber Tube, Rubber Pipes, Silicone Transparent Tube, Silicone Rubber Tube, Silicone Rubber Transparent Tube, Rubber Hose, PVC Nylon Braided Hoses, Rubber Cord, Silicone Rubber Cord, EPDM Rubber Cord, Nitrile Rubber Cord, Rubber Seal, PVC Water Stop Seal, Gasket Seal, Rubber Bellows, Rubber Expansion Bellows, Rubber Bearing, Elastomeric Bearings, Bridge Bearings, Rubber Washer, Nitrile Rubber Washer, Neoprene Rubber Washer, Silicone Rubber Washer, Natural Rubber Washer, EPDM Rubber Washer, PTFE Washer, Safety Product manufacturing Exporting , Supplying, since 2006 . We are ISO Certified Company and Approve by Governments' of Maharashtra ministry of micro small & medium enterprises (MSME).

Laxmi Rubber Industries Quality construction: We manufacture our entire Product's in house and quality Check done by our factory team. We will manufacture based on your application.

Quality Assurance

Laxmi Rubber Industries is dedicated to continuous improvement in all areas of products manufacturing We understand that our customers must be able to count us, with each and every order, to provide products exactly they need, without surprises. That's why we adhere to the rigorous procedural standards defined by ISO for manufacturing. The factory floor to the customer's door, we never stop thinking about quality and our commitments and plans are robust enough to ensure your peace of mind that products received is just as the samples you approved.

Our Quality Policy
It is prime objectives of Laxmi Rubber Industries to seek out continuous improvement so as to cost effectively provide our customers with products of the highest available quality.

OUR Environmental Policy
Laxmi Rubber Industries Policy is to protect, utilize, and manage our natural resources in order to prevent pollution and to continually improve the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the earth we inhabit and also to minimize all utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc.) usage wherever technically and commercially practical. Laxmi Rubber Industries is committed to environmental performance that complies consistently with current legal and other requirements…

Laxmi Rubber Industries Team

We assure right raw material sourcing to production and timely delivery of products in the right condition anywhere globally has been our team's aim.

Our committed product development team with an eye for modern, technologically superior and price efficient R&D, guarantees an efficient deliver and a dependable synergy amongst our clients and our organization.


Get in the touch with the respected departments through the designated email. We assure you with a positive and timely response.

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Our Infrastructure

Our manufacturing capacity is equipped to produce products from micro to large scale with precision. Our products range from Rubber Sheet, Rubber Mat, Rubber Strip, Rubber pad, Rubber Gasket, Rubber Roll, Rubber Hose, Rubber Seal, Rubber Cord, Rubber Bellows, Rubber Tube, Rubber Bearing, Rubber washer.



Our plant is euipped with Advanced and automated injection moulding machines delivering consistent quality products which also enhances our capability to meet the most stringent specifications and needs of the demanding industry sectors we are supplying to.

Our Compression moulding capacity ranges for products of small scale to our larges product, compression moulding has been the most dominant moulding method in rubber industry. At our plant compression moulding has been environmentally effective with productive and consitent output.

Compression moulding with vaccuum has a superior advantage than conventional compression moulding assuring consistent and stable products at all times.

In any rubber industry mixing is where the product process starts and our team of experts with a vast expereience of mixing, embrace the latest technology in terms of innovations in chemicals and elastomers to deliver a product which meets its specifications and proves the same in field.

Rheomter, universal testing machines, physical and chemical testing as well as any specific requirement can be tested at our well equipped laboratory.