Laxmi Rubber Industries is dedicated to continuous improvement in all areas of products manufacturing We understand that our customers must be able to count us, with each and every order, to provide products exactly they need, without surprises. That's why we adhere to the rigorous procedural standards defined by ISO for manufacturing. The factory floor to the customer's door, we never stop thinking about quality and our commitments and plans are robust enough to ensure your peace of mind that products received is just as the samples you approved.

Our Quality Policy
It is prime objectives of Laxmi Rubber Industries to seek out continuous improvement so as to cost effectively provide our customers with products of the highest available quality.

OUR Environmental Policy
Laxmi Rubber Industries Policy is to protect, utilize, and manage our natural resources in order to prevent pollution and to continually improve the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the earth we inhabit and also to minimize all utilities (gas, electricity, water, etc.) usage wherever technically and commercially practical. Laxmi Rubber Industries is committed to environmental performance that complies consistently with current legal and other requirements…