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Rubber Bearing consists of alternating laminations of thin rubber layers and steel plates, bonded together to provide vertical rigidity and horizontal flexibility. Vertical rigidity assures the isolator will support the weight of the structure, while horizontal flexibility converts destructive horizontal shaking into gentle movement.

Rubber Bearings are used not only for propeller shaft but for cutter shaft head of dredging vessels. Besides the above, Rubber Bearings are applied for vertical pump shafts. Laxmi Rubber Industries bearings are used on various vessels such as cargo boats, ferry boat, tug boats, pusher boats, navy ships, fishing boats with approvals from LR,ABs, BV,NV, CR, NK respectively.

Recently the demands for Rubber Bearings are increasing in place of Lignum Vitae on account of a sharp rise in price and abnormal abrasion of Lignum Vitae. We manufacturer bearings with quality rubber do not damage the shaft sleeve and offer smooth rotation of the shaft over a long period of time.

Laxmi Rubber Industries is based in Mumbai-India; we are established manufacturer, supplier, exporter and Trader in this Rubber Products Industry. To make your products or production not affect quality and output which you are eyeing for is one of the pillars we set our company on. Because of this, we developed Rubber Products for industries like yours who require the most stringent specification to get great result.

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Laxmi Rubber Industries Quality construction: We manufacture our entire Product's in house and quality Check done by our factory team. We will manufacture based on your application.

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